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De Grande Stables


De Grande Stables

Welcome at de Grande Stables where we share over 30 years of equestrian (showjumping) passion.

Jean De Grande

A strong passion and history in showjumping spectacle marks the history of Jean De Grande. Marked as one of Belgium’s all-time Puissance specialists, De Grande jumped together an impressive career.

Our Passion

The De Grande family breaths horses. today it is Jean-Christophe De Grande who translates his passion into a successful international showjumping career. His passion translates in horse welfare, which translates in excellent references, competing on all levels.

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What We Do

De Grande Stables specializes in transferring its passion for horses in developing young horses up to an international Grand Prix level. We admire the bond we create with our horses.

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Jean-Christophe De Grande also teaches