Jean-Christophe de Grande was born with horses alongside. Father Jean De Grande secured multiple international victories in his red jacket. Former Belgium champion Jean supports and mentors Jean-Christophe at a daily base.

From youngster to Grand Prix

Everyone his talent and if we name one for Jean-Christophe De Grande it is developing young jumping horses up to an international Grand-Prix level. This proves the many references.

Jean-Christophe De Grande is devoted to build up an equestrian career. Like most Belgium’s his prime focus is showjumping.

Already at a young age, Jean-Christophe jumped in the spotlights at different national and international classes. 

In 2017 he became a member of the Equteam, a recognition of his hard work and continually growing results. Meanwhile he already managed to win some CSI3* Grand Prix’s.

Jean-Christophe De Grande also teaches