Jean De Grande

Jean De Grande has a long lasting history of equestrian passion. Although he didn’t grow up in a horse family, he haas built up an impressive career. This resulted in  the Belgium Showjumping Championship’s title in 1988. One year after he started his core business, the production of Belgium Waffels.

Jean’s resumé is impressive with many international and national results. He represented Belgium at multiple Worldcup competitions and was a long time known as the worldwide Puissance King.

  • The beginning

    As a 10-year-old Jean De Grande started his equestrian passion in a local riding school.

  • Gouden Laars

    In 1976 Jean De Grande started his competitive spirit competing at the Gouden Laars. That year. Axel Verlooy won the ranking. Jean placed fifth.


    Aged 18-years-old Jean De Grande focussed on his international career. That same year Jean sold his best horse, after a huge demand.

  • The magical years

    In 1987 Jean De Grand had build up a dream stable again. He impressed at the Nations Cup in Grasse. In 1988 he became the national Belgium champion and also won the Grand Prix of Kapellen.

  • Building the future

    In 1987 Jean De Grand also started his second adventure starting Deligout, Belgium's number one Waffle producer.


When Jean De Grande competed it were different times. In the 80’s a Puissance class could often have 30 starts and was the runner-up competition, after the Grand Prix.
That is why Jean de Grande invested a lot of time in this special class, eventually setting many records up to 2.30m high.